m+k::the interaction of coloreds



<http://artport.whitney.org/gatepages/august02.shtml >

this online "brown paper bag test" was commissioned as a gate project by the whitney museum's artport , where it was featured during the month of august 2002.

interaction of coloreds color check systemŽ

"As 'gentlemen prefer blondes,' so everyone has a preference for certain colors and prejudices against others . . . As it is with people in our daily life, so it is with color." --josef albers, interaction of color, p. 17


"With the discovery that color is the most relative medium in art, and that its greatest excitement lies beyond rules and canons, a more sensitive discrimination was needed." -- josef albers, interaction of color, p. 66.

hyper-raceŽ based solutions for the discriminating e-Business