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the sour thunder is an internet opera which was started in 1996 and staged with actors, website designer and a live web cast in 2002. it tells a double-sided story blending autobiography and speculative fiction. sesom travels from a land where scent is language to a land where language is spoken. mendi travels from atlanta (the u.s.) to santiago (the d.r.).

the project was commissioned to be the first webcast from the yale cabaret and received additional support from the afro-american cultural center and digital media center at yale university. the live video is no longer available however all mp3s,and text are accessible at the site.

staged productions:

Yale Cabaret / Yale university Afro-American Cultural Center

concert readings:

Duke University

Studio Museum in Harlem

Neuberger Museum of Art


93.9 FM (WNYC) New York

104.1 Fm (Reboot FM/ Juni Radio) Berlin (complete work)


Carbonist School Study Hall at Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery (Atlanta)


Blue Jasper from the album - The Sour Thunder

Interviews about race and culture in Santiago (República Dominicana) and Atlanta (U.S.A.) featured in a sound installation accompanying the performance.

credits for the yale production:

Concept, text and music: Mendi + Keith Obadike

Yale Cabaret Artistic Director: Tamilla Woodard

Performers: Peter Macon as Blue Jasper

Laurie Woodard as Mendi

Marcus Gardley as Elusive Black Presnece

Iona Rozeal Brown as the Warm Hearted Child

Mendi Obadike as Sesom

The Chorus : Susan Finque, Gia Forakis, Brendan Hughes, Shaunda Miles, Sallie Sanders, Marcella Smith and Marnye Young

Hypertext e-Mix: Houston Baker, Christian Campbell, Coco Fusco, Duriel Harris, Nalo Hopkinson, John Keene, Ferentz Lafargue, Wahneema Lubiano, Dawn Lundy Martin, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, and Ronaldo Wilson

Design Team:

Web Design and Programming: John Vega

Stage Direction: Marcus Gardley

Stage Management: Maddalena Deichmann

Set Design: Torkwase Dyson

Choreography: Tim Acito

Lighting Design: Tan Falkkowski

Costumes: Camille Assaf

Sound System Design: Keith Obadike

Live Sound Engineers: Daniel Baker and Philip Peglow

Scent Design: Iona Rozeal Brown

Streaming Video Technical Director: Dave Deitch

Streaming Video System Installation: George Dobuzinsky

Scenic Technical Design and Construction: Colin Buckhurst